Learning Curation – Module 7: Educational Leader


In working through this module, I truly feel that my learning curation was coming full circle with the focus being on educational leadership.  From the outset of this course, I recognized that there is much potential for teacher-librarians to be leaders in the school community, and this belief has been reinforced in a variety of ways throughout our coursework.  To see that this is certainly the case as explored in Module 7, I feel affirmed and encouraged.

For this Learning Curation submission, I continued to add posts to my Padlet board and created an infographic using Easel.ly to web my thoughts in response to the prompt regarding what “is important to sustaining collaboration and networking in the library”. In my Padlet I have also displayed my notes and thoughts about “the characteristics and roles of the teacher-librarian as educational leader”.  Please see my “Leadership Padlet” blog post to see what I have added to my Padlet!

Additionally, my referenced works list can be found following my infographic.



Canadian Library Association. (2014). “Fostering Literacies to Empower Life-long Learners”. Leading learning: Standards of practice for school library learning commons in Canada. Ottawa: ON (p.17).

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Ray, Mark. (2016, June 7). Changing the conversation about librarians. Retrieved from: https://youtu.be/IniFUB7worY


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